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  • Sony A7R iii als nieuw + viewfinder en 126gb card
  • Sony A7R iii als nieuw + viewfinder en 126gb card
  • Sony A7R iii als nieuw + viewfinder en 126gb card
  • Sony A7R iii als nieuw + viewfinder en 126gb card
  • Sony A7R iii als nieuw + viewfinder en 126gb card
Vraagprijs : ‎€1.900,00
Type zoekertje : Bespreekbaar
Datum : 11/04/2023
Provincie : Oost-Vlaanderen
Merk : Sony
Locatie :hamme Oost vlaanderen

Get rid of my sony a7r iii due to purchasing sony a7s iii. Perfect condition. Unfortunately no more packaging.

+external viewfinder included

meer info the vinden online. Geweldige camera en nog in perfecte staat. De externe viewfinder kan je er vanboven opzetten. Inclusief de oplader en 2 batterijen.

info van cameranu:

Sony Alpha A7R III System Camera Body (ILCE-7RM3A)

The Sony Alpha A7R III is an impressive system camera that combines a powerful BIONZ X image processor with a 35mm full-frame Exmor R CMOS image sensor with a high resolution of 42.4 megapixels. With this combination, the A7 R III achieves shooting speeds of up to ten frames per second with full AF/AE tracking functionality. The camera also delivers high-quality 4K video with a wide dynamic range of up to 15 stops and high sensitivity with noise reduction. These features, the compact body and two SD memory card slots make the Sony A7R III a versatile tool for photographers, multimedia creators, videographers and other professionals.

Improved model

The A7R III (ILCE-7RM3A) has an improved LCD screen compared to the first A7R III (ILCE7RM3B.CEC). The RGBW display has a resolution of 2.36 megapixels and is more economical for the battery.

Excellent image quality

The 42.4-megapixel full-frame sensor of the Sony A7 R III has been further improved compared to the A7 R II, so that it collects the incident light more efficiently. This increases light sensitivity and increases dynamic range while reducing noise. The BIONZ X is 1.8 times faster than that of the A7R II, doubling the readout speed of the image sensor. These powerful features allow the Sony A7R III to shoot in an ISO range of 100-32,000 which is expandable to ISO 50-102,400 for still images. The dynamic range is up to 15 stops. As a result, the camera offers excellent performance at all settings under the most diverse conditions.

Exposure compensation of no less than 5.5 stops

To guarantee the highest possible sharpness and resolution, the A7R III is not equipped with a Low Pass filter. The five-axis image stabilization system is tuned to the 42.4 megapixel sensor and offers an exposure compensation of no less than 5.5 stops. In addition, the camera is equipped with a shutter that reduces vibration and blur even when you shoot ten frames per second. The camera has a 14-bit RAW output, even if you take photos in silent or continuous mode.

Focusing system with AF/AE tracking up to ten frames per second

The BIONZ X image processor of the Sony A7R III enables recording in 42.4 megapixels at ten frames per second with high-precision AF/AE tracking for up to 76 JPEG/RAW images or 28 uncompressed RAW images. This speed is available with the mechanical shutter or completely silent recording. In Live View mode, the camera can shoot continuously at eight frames per second with minimal lag in the OLED viewfinder or LCD display. This allows you to capture even fast-moving subjects accurately and in detail. The focusing system is equipped with 399 phase-detection AF points covering approximately 86% of the frame. In addition, the A7 R III has 425 contrast AF points. This allows the camera to autofocus about twice as fast as the A7 R II in low-light conditions.

For professional users

In addition to taking photos, the Sony A7R III is very suitable for making videos with a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. When shooting in Super 35mm, the camera uses readout of each pixel with no pixel binding. The camera collects 5K of data and can process it into a high-quality 4K image that contains an exceptional amount of detail and depth. The Hybrid Log Gamma picture profile supports a direct HDR workflow. This allows HDR-compatible televisions to play lifelike 4K HDR images. The camera also has S-Log2 and S-Log3 for more color gradation. You record full HD images with the camera at 120fps and a maximum of 100Mbps.

Pixel Shift Multi Shooting

A new feature is Pixel Shift Multi Shooting. This feature uses the 5-axis in-body image stabilization to create very high-resolution composite images. In this mode, the camera shifts the sensor exactly one pixel to take four different images that produce a total of approximately 169.6 megapixels of image information. With the help of the Imaging Edge software you can combine these images and process them into a photo with a very high resolution and high-quality color accuracy. Pixel Shift Multi Shooting is ideal for architecture, art and other subjects with lots of color and detail.

Wifi and connection for studio flash and USB

Files can be easily transferred via WiFi to a smartphone, tablet, computer or FTP server. There is also a standard sync port that you can use to connect studio flashes directly. For even more flexibility in terms of power and accessories, the Sony A7 R III is equipped with a USB-C connection. This ensures a higher transfer speed when you have connected the camera to a PC.

Use your camera as a webcam

With the updated Imaging Edge software, you can now also use this camera as a webcam and live streaming device. After installing the Imaging Edge Webcam app, connect the camera to your laptop with a USB cable. Go to network settings in your camera’s menu and set the PC Remote option to USB connection. Start the Imaging Edge Webcam software to connect the camera to your laptop. You can then stream immediately with your preferred online video communication software.

Features of the Sony Alpha A7R III

USB 3.1 Gen 1 compatible USB-C port for fast data transfer and charging

Shoot for an extra long time thanks to the powerful Sony NP-FZ100 battery

3.0″ tiltable LCD display with 2.36 megapixel resolution

Standard sync port for studio flash sync

Very powerful BIONZ X image processor

Compatible with E-mount lenses

Ingebouwde bluetooth, wifi en NFC

Twee SD-geheugenkaartsleuven



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